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Hello Parents!!!

Most people do not know about vision training other then correctional glasses and regular eye check-ups but there is something more available for families!!

every parent wants their child to be successful in school. But as many as 25% of children in any classroom environment have vision problems that hold them back from achieving their highest level of success.

Four of 5 classroom hours involve doing near vision work less than arm’s length from a child’s eyes.  Many children and adults cannot handle such intense near vision work.

   Some children lose vision to nearsightedness; others avoid near vision work and do poorly at school. While other children struggle with reading and re-reading passages to comprehend them, thus scoring low on reading assignments.

   Optometric research has proven many ways to help fix learning-related vision problems.  Sometimes in simple, direct ways lenses help, in more complex cases, re-training the child to see efficiently will result in increased ability to comprehend.  Vision research has shown ways to prevent or reduce permanent vision loss to nearsightedness, and turn children who “hate” or avoid reading into content and interested readers.

   If you have a child whose school problems fit the checklist below, or you know someone with such a child, look into vision therapy, call 714-996-6210, ocvisiontherapy.com

1.Short attention span for reading

2. Must read and re-read material to

understand it well

3. Takes “hours” to do 30 minutes

of homework

4. Disturbs other children in class

during reading or other subjects

that require intense near work

5. Gets sleepy when reading

7. Better at math than English

8.Skips words or lines

9. Covers one eye while reading

10. exhibits odd postures at desk

Some kids are labeled "incompetent", "ADD", "ADHD" but it could be merely a vision issue. Vision therapy also is great for treating AUTISM, TBI, AMBLYOPIA, STRABISMUS, SPORTS TRAINING AND OTHER VISION CASES .

This life changing area of study is so important but it is also emerging so it is not as well known as other therapies like physical therapy. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to know about vision therapy and how our eyes can be corrected!


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