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Homeschool... What's it Really all About?

“Homeschool”, most of us have heard the word. We might even know someone who does homeschool, or at least know someone who knows someone that homeschools. But do we really know anything about this schooling alternative for our children? What exactly is the meaning of “homeschool”?

I pondered that question and asked myself, “What have I been doing for the last 7 years homeschooling my children?” I have been doing lesson plans. I have been doing research on curriculum. I have been working with the teachers at CHEP, the Community Home Education Program through the county. I have been networking with other moms, going on field trips, learning math, history, and science so I can be a competent teacher, and teaching my kids five days a week. But what is it, the one thing that really stood out in my thoughts as I asked myself this question? The answer is: Fun. I have been having fun with my children. I have been having fun being a mom. I have been having fun teaching them and watching them learn and grow.

For homeschool parents, “Fun” is what teaching your kids becomes when you get to teach them math sitting on the sidewalk with colorful chalk. For homeschool kids, “Fun” is when asking questions don’t embarrass you and make you feel small. “Fun” is when every single question will be explained with full details and most times a hands on experiment that accommodates the question, or at least a trip to the library.

A child sitting at a desk for hours on end is not my idea of a memorable experience. Do you remember sitting in class staring at the clock and wondering when is the lunch bell going to ring? Why do we want that for our children?

Learning should be as fast as a child’s motivation or as slow as they need to fully understand what it is that they are learning. There comes a freedom when you have a choice about what your children learn at home. With that freedom is the chance to be great. Homeschool is an ever changing, creative learning process that matches your goals for your child’s education perfectly. You can introduce new topics as you see fit as a parent. You can discuss morals as well as just text. You can focus on certain topics that your child could be gifted in and give them the chance of a lifetime to become the best at something they love. The list of benefits goes on and on. But for me it all circles back to that one word answer, homeschool is “fun”.

Now, does that sound like the homeschool that you’re familiar with? Homeschool today is very different than it was just 10 years ago. It can be structured and closely monitored by the county, or you can homeschool completely independent with an affidavit stating that you are your own school (In California). There are countless resources for curriculum available. There are many groups of well-organized homeschool networks to choose from. Just type the word “homeschool” into your computer and see how many sites pop-up on your screen. With many options from books, web sites, and word of mouth, isn’t it time you found out what homeschool is really all about? Remember, learning really should be fun.

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