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The Truth About Homeschooling

Thinking about homeschooling? Need help getting started? Here is how you can do it!

Probably the #1 homeschooling question I get asked is, “how do I get started?” But the answer to that question is never simple. It depends on many things, including your reason for choosing to…


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Schools of the Future Challenge the Status Quo!

Most schools are stuck with pretty much the same pedagogy that has been used for hundreds of years. The world has changed so much. Why hasn't education?

Visit the…


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A Message to "Temporary" Homeschoolers

Temporary homeschoolers: There IS a way to escape the STRESS, BOREDOM, AND TEDIUM of the public school learning packets!

Celebration Education is shipping their fun in-person classes out to families to experience DYNAMIC, HANDS-ON LEARNING AT HOME! It's not just a packet of papers - it's packed with materials for PROJECTS, CRAFTS, AND…


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Celebration Education uses themes to organize all the learning for the year. Each year is a different theme, as chosen by families. Each week is a different topic based on the theme. Weekly classes integrate several school subjects such as math, reading, social studies, science, language arts, etc. The weekly topic can be enjoyed in workshop classes, at field trips, in theme parks, and on Minecraft!…


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Force Vs. Choice

Force kills the spirit, dampens passion and destroys the zest and love of learning. Force trains followers, not leaders.

If you feel like you need to force your children to learn, you have not yet realized the amazing leaner…


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Helping Your Children Find Their Genius

Every child is a genius.

There are no standard children. If you believe this statement, then you can also realize that state and national education standards are irrelevant because they seek to standardize the students.…


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Learning to Read

Books, Books, Books!!…


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Why You Should Get Rid of Your Textbooks




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Is Your Child Behind or Ahead?

Do you worry about your child falling behind? Do you wish your child were ahead? I would like to help you change your thought process.


What is it your child would be behind or ahead of? All the other children? You are judging your child based on a standard that some people very far away decided is best for your child – without even knowing him!



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Harrison's Summer Curriculum: Elements and Creativity

The Princeton Website has two definitions for student:…


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25% Educator Discounts at Borders

Here's an email I got from Borders:


This past September, Borders updated its Teacher Discount to include Homeschoolers and uped the discount to 25% most items. It would be great if let all the Homeschoolers know about that, the ones I run into have no idea they could be saving money.

I'm also available to find odd items or do research, I handle teacher and education sales in Orange County. Homeschoolers can reach me at (949)… Continue

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OC Homeschoolers in the Register

OC Register article: YMCA offers gym class for home schooled kids

View the article at http://www.ocregister.com/articles/wilson-schooling-home-2605752-one-week

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OC Homeschoolers Win National Video Contest!

Here's the article from the OC Register:


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Starr Ranch Summer Junior Biologists

A message from Starr Ranch Sanctuary:

Dear Home School Families and Groups,

Starr Ranch would like to remind you that we still have spaces for our summer Junior Biologists program, especially our June sessions reserved for homeschoolers. Attached is a PDF flyer with more details, and a text version appears below my signature. Please help us spread the word and pass this announcement on to other groups and families whom you think may be interested!

Please feel… Continue

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OC Homeschoolers in National Video Contest

My friend's daughter and other homeschoolers made a video that is now in the top three of the national finals.

Take a look & vote:


Hers is Entry #3.

-Heather Martinson

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