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Physical Education

Mobility Acrobatics
Mobility Acrobatics is a mobile coaching service that teaches the art of movement through various forms of acrobatics.  They offer a variety of services to athletes in Southern California.  Fulfilling physical education school requirements through gymnastics, ninja warrior training, cheerleading, power play boot camps, and private tumbling instruction is just the beginning of what they can do for you. Their duty is to create success for everyone.  All lessons are uniquely made to challenge, entertain, and inspire all athletes to be the best they can be.  Equipment, instructors, and fun all provided!


Indoor PE Class in Irvine

Children will develop physical skills and fitness by learning the fundamentals of sports that can be played indoors. Sports and athletic activities include yoga, gymnastics, indoor basketball and soccer, strength and conditioning, martial arts, dance, group games, and more ! Includes exercises and games at Playland Playground! Please contact Karis Academy for more details. Website is www.karisacademy.com Email: info@karisacademy.com and Phone: 949 229-5880

Focus Dance Center
Come Dance at FOCUS! Start today! Registration is on-going. Tiny Dancers, Kids, College Students, and Adults - Over 200 classes offered in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Pilates and more… Offering Dance for exercise, competition, and the serious minded professional. Visit focusdancecenter.com
949.737.5151 in Irvine, CA 


Total Student Development is looking for home school students to try out and join our PE program that we have been developing for 5 years.  If your family is interested and available to try out our PE curriculum, which is designed specifically for home schooled students, we have two program showcases scheduled on Sept 4th and 11th.  These trial classes are completely free!  We want the home school community to get to know us and see if are a good fit for your curriculum.  For more details, please visit https://tsdshowcase.eventbrite.com or www.totalstudentdevelopment.com.

OC Vaulting
Equestrian Vaulting in Orange County
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/OC-Vaulting/588952204500143

California Athletics for Home Schools 
Todd Nash 
(760) 727-3604 
California Athletics for Home Schools was created to meet the needs of home schooling families in the areas of competitive athletics and physical education. CAHS was founded by Todd Nash, a home schooling father in San Diego, and offers a variety of classes and competitive sports for all ages, and in most areas of California. Fundamentals of Athletics classes are offered to home schooled children ages 5 and up to teach the basics of various sports. Todd Nash is an excellent coach. He's really good with kids of all ages and the kids really like him. Homeschool mom Vicki Giansante said, "Todd Nash is great with the kids. He has great patience and makes sure every kids plays and has fun." 


Offers confidence building athletic activities. They work with schools, youth groups and families to introduce teenagers to alternative sports such as challenge courses, hiking, indoor rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, snorkeling, snowboarding and more. They also also offer non-competitive sports classes in soccer, basketball, yoga, volleyball and more.
You can visit them on the web at www.ChampionsUSA.com or call them at 310-313-1144. 

American Tiger Karate
Owned by a homeschooling family. Daytime homeschooling classes for any level from beginner to black belt. http://www.americantiger.org/ Located at 5849 Westminster Ave. in Westminster, CA. "This is a first-rate Karate program for homeschooling families; kids and adults, together. The head instructor and owner of this school, April Hawley, is a homeschooling mom with two kids and a number of the instructors are formerly homeschooled young adults. Homeschooling classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 2 pm, for parents and children of all ages. Homeschoolers can also attend classes at other times, of course. Students come from all over Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties because this is SUCH a positive and enjoyable place to learn." -Pam Sorooshian. Homeschool special: try it for the first month free. Includes free uniform.

MVP Sports Centers and Physical Therapy
45 Parker, Suite 'C', Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 855-0100
MVP provides educational instruction to promote wellness through physical activity. MVP is devoted to the safe and skillful enhancement of athleticism — in everyone. The most technologically advanced applications, methodologies and theories are applied within the field of athlete development and rehabilitation. MVP's dedication and integrity are focused on enhancing athleticism while minimizing all chances of sports injury. Their mission is to help athletes strive toward their ambitions swiftly and safely. By coupling the most sophisticated tools available today with MVP’s exceptional staff, MVP is helping to develop the athletes of tomorrow. MVP offers a 10% discount to homeschoolers that schedule appointments between 8AM - 3PM. 
Web: www.mvpsportscenters.com

Anaheim Ice Home School Program
300 W Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim
Come join the fun! Learn how to ice skate at southern California's most beautiful ice arena! Meet new friends, build self-confidence, participate in group performances. Morning class for homeschoolers. discount. For more information, please call (714) 535-7465.

"Promoting Physical Fitness for Life”
EMH is dedicated to aid the growth and development of the homeschooled student’s physical education and sports requirements. Participants in the EMH Programs demonstrate and practice an appreciation for athletic excellence, the shared experience of competition, and sportsmanship. EMH has a variety of sports activities for your child/children. Affordable weekly PE Classes for grades K-12th, are based on the California State Standards and are situated throughout Southern California. EMH also has sports clinics geared toward individual development in a specific sport’s discipline. Please contact EMH at 951-302-5296 or via email atEMHSports@aol.com for pricing and a location near you.

Whiz Kids Gym Class

At My Gym Children's Fitness Center in Huntington Beach. Class on Thursdays from 11:35 to 12:35. Whiz kids are ages 4 1/2 to 6. Age appropriate fitness classes. The children participate in fun games, manipulative skills, relays, sports skills, songs, dances, and beginning gymnastics. Join anytime, the fees are prorated. Free guest class! 


Action Kids Fitness Center
5404F Walnut Ave., Irvine
Kids will have a blast at Action Kids Fitness Center! Climb a 20 foot rock wall and work-out on safe, kid-sized machines. Programs include tumbling, hip-hop dance, yoga, martial arts activities and nutrition classes taught by a Registered Dietitian. Ages 5 & up. Free one week pass for homeschoolers in Orange County. Daytime homeschool class on Wednesdays at 12:00. Please call (949)733-1688 to set up an appointment for any of these classes. Action Kids Birthday Parties are also available which include exciting games and relays, Game Bikes, and 20 foot rock wall. NEW- Theme Parties: Build-a-Buddy, Dacin'Divas, Ninja, Dance, Cheer and much more! Action Kids will set up, run all activities and clean up. Invitations provided. Special rate for homeschoolers: $249 

Wildfire Gymnastics
In Tustin
Homeschool classes on Thursdays from 2-3:30 for ages 6 and up, including teens.


Westwind Sailing
Learning to sail involves physical and mental stimulation appropriate for all ages and abilities. Here is your chance to get on a boat in the protected waters of Dana Point Harbor and/or Lake Mission Viejo and learn to sail. Westwind Sailing has been teaching safe boating skills and sailing for the past 20+ years. They offer a full variety of sailing and boating courses for all ages in addition to special programs which include: sailing rides, charter and home school courses, scout groups, team building programs, private and semi private lessons. Give them a call to arrange a program to fit your needs, time frame and budget. 
(949) 492-3035 / www.westwindsailing.com / steves@westwindsailing.com


Ice Skating
Mondays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Aliso Viejo Ice Palace
The Ice Palace is located at #9 Journey in Aliso Viejo
The cost is $8 per lesson, which includes a 20-minute beginner group lesson, entrance and skate rental. No cost for non skaters. There is no need to signup ahead of time!www.avicepalace.com


Olympic Gymnastics Academy
26601 Cabot Road, Laguna Hills
1pm classes for homeschoolers


Velocity Sports Performance
The Velocity Sports Performance homeschool fitness program is a fun hour-long workout designed especially to meet the needs of your children. Participants can expect to improve their coordination and balance; reduce likelihood of injuries and increase their confidence and endurance. Class Summary:

  • Supervised by degreed and certified coaches who are great with kids of all ages and abilities
  • Age appropriate exercise programs
  • Available for children in second grade and higher
  • Active dialogue with parents about physical development needs and progress 
    Call Velocity at (949) 387-7333 or visit www.velocitysp.com/irvine for days and class times. 


Home School Fencing Class
Boys and Girls ages 8 and up
Fencing develops discipline, stamina, and coordination. Boys and girls will learn the history, etiquette, and rules of sports fencing. They will learn the basic footwork and bladework of fencing. On the last session of class, they will have an opportunity to participate in a fun competition with their classmates. Classes will be held at the OC Fencing and Fitness Center, 1025 South Placentia Ave Fullerton CA 92831. **All equipment provided.** To register please contact Coach Holmgren atinfo@gryphonfencing.com or (714) 524-3934. 


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Comment by Eric Jue on August 15, 2019 at 4:13pm

Wing Tsun Kung Fu Chinese Boxing Class

For children 13 - 18 years old who want to 1) Be able to defend others or themselves and become more confident, 2) Improve their posture, breathing, balance, coordination, and reflexes, 3) Overcome life's challenges and struggles, and / or 4) Join the 1% of martial artists who earn their black belt equivalent for themselves and college applications, this school teaches a street effective martial art and lifestyle to enable smaller defenders to defeat larger and stronger attackers.

Some martial arts are technique based. Others are predominantly focused on defending against one attacker on the ground. We rely on principles, relaxation, sensitivity, recycling of the attacker's energy, and reflexes to defend against multiple attackers while standing up (in kicking, punching, and elbow range) or on the ground.

We are one of the few Wing Tsun schools in the world that study and teach the best of the best from the Hong Kong and European styles of Wing Tsun. Most Wing Tsun and Wing Chun schools teach one or the other.

LGBTQ+ friendly

Text Coach Eric at (562) 304-8958 if you are interested


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