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Homeschooling Options

Here are the legal ways to homeschool in Orange County:


Private School at Home - Independent
You create and/or purchase your own curriculum. Go to California Homeschool Network to find out how to establish your home as a private school just for your family.

Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)
You use independent study through a private school. Some private schools provide all the curriculum, some provide support for parents in their curriculum choices, under a recognized private school.

Public School Independent Study Program (ISPs)
The county or school district provide the curriculum. No cost.

Charter Schools
Schools funded and regulated by the state give you the curriculum. Some charters allow you to choose the curriculum from approved sources. No cost to you. 

If you use tutors who possess teaching credentials for the subjects covered, you do not need to join any of the above schools.


How You Can Participate On This Site:

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- You can make a page for your support group.

- Feel free to add your family friendly photos and videos!

- Post messages to the community in our forum!

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