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How to Organize a Field Trip for a Group of Homeschoolers

  • Call the location and find out how soon the field trip can be booked. Each location is different. Some fill up fast and book up to a year in advance and others can’t take a reservation until a month or so ahead. Mark your calendar with important follow up dates. If you procrastinate and wait until right before you want to take the tour, it will more than likely be too late to book it.
  • Ask for details about the activity. Find out things like the price, how long it will be, whether they need a deposit, how many people can go, age limitations, whether certain clothing is required, if they can accommodate strollers, etc. Get directions.
  • Notify your group members of the date, time, cost, description and directions. Include the address for those wishing to look up the location. It’s a good idea to have a deadline for sign-ups. That way you will know how many to expect and the docent will not be surprised.
  • Collect money. Unfortunately, homeschoolers are notorious for not showing up to field trips. To help with the no-show problem, we recommend you collect the money in advance. Even if it is a free trip, people are less likely to no-show if they have already paid something.
  • Check in at the field trip. Give the docent or worker the number of people, money, etc. Enjoy your field trip!
  • Many of the schools that docents deal with send thank you cards, drawings, or short reports of what they learned. Consider doing this with your homeschool group as well. We want to leave a good impression!


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