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OK, I understand that this is a very personal choice...however, I'm so torn and seem to go back and forth. I have 3 kids. My oldest son will be 10 this month, my other son just turned 8 (entering 5th and 3rd grades, respectively.) My daughter is 4 1/2 and entering "Pre-Kindergarten" in the fall. She's gone to preschool 2 years and is extremely excited to go to elementary school. The one I worry most about is my oldest. We are in a very academic overachieving district, and although he tests appropriately for reading, he is considered below grade average and suggested to attend after school reading groups, tutoring, summer school, etc. (He's awesome in math). His self confidence is pretty low and he doesn't really have close 'friends'. My middle son is much more social and loves school, however academically seems to be headed down the same path as his brother. After a long school day, then homework and reading practice, there's precious few minutes for even family time, let alone more academics. Is it that crazy to want them to still have time to play at this age? They're still kids. I've talked with them about homeschooling; my daughter wants to go to school, my middle son says he wants to (I think because he thinks I want him to) and my oldest son wants to stay where he's at (he'd miss his friends he says.) Do I try another school (for him only to get 1 more year before heading to middle school), homeschool, leave him where he's at?!?!

I know myself well enough to know that if I screw them up by home schooling, I'll forever blame myself. I done a lot of research on it, on one hand it looks fantastic, on the other I found a blog of HS kids who all say they weren't prepared socially for college and wish they would have been in public school (we're not just talking a few kids, here.) I'd love some opinions..I've posted on other sites, but can't seem to get any feedback.

Thank you so much!

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Hi Lisa,

What's most important to you as a parent for your children when it comes to schooling? You're kids learning experience, family time, or social activities? Guess what? You can have all that and more if you homeschool. This is my definition of homeschool- An ever changing, creative learning process that matches your goals for your child's education perfectly. Does that make sense? You're children are individuals, so are their learning styles. Your oldest might not like the stuff he's reading. Have you asked him? Homeschool gives you and your oldest a choice in what he reads. Not what is handed to him. Maybe it's just a matter of finding what he likes to read. When you find it, the light turns green and you're on your way. You can't do that in public school.

Okay, now on to family time... Why have your kids go to school for 6-7 hours then come home to do another 2 hours of homework that stresses the entire household! Aren't they supposed to do that while they are in school? I can understand work that was not finished in class, but to add more to it on a Friday afternoon and then tell the class it's due on Monday is just a bummer. It makes it hard on family time, bed time and the nagging process of..."Did you get your homework done?" And yes, kids need play time, it's their "unwinding", just like adults after a long day at the office. To cut in on their free time and keep them from being kids is just not right. They will grow up in a blink of an eye and will they remember a fun childhood?

You are their Mother and guilt comes with the territory of being a Mother. You have potty trained them, taught them their ABCs, helped them with their manners, problem solved their dilemmas, the list goes on. You teach them every day about life, did you screw up their potty habits? I don't think so! I know, you're saying, "But it's math!" You are resourceful enough to look into homeschool AND to keep searching until you get your questions answered. You are already acting like a homeschool parent...Welcome to the club. : )

As for the blog you found, how updated was it? Just curious. Homeschool is so different today then it was even just 5 years ago. Socialization is everywhere for homeschool kids and there are no discrimination in age or gender in the homeschool community. I bet what these kids in the blogs were not prepared for, was the lack of maturity in the other students social abilities.

I hope this gives you another perspective for a thumbs-up to homeschool.

Aloha, Tracy : )
My son is 10 years old, socially active (i.e. we're busy!), doing extremely well with his academics, works on different grade levels for different subjects, and loves homeschooling.

Research has shown no evidence that homeschool kids are behind in their social behavior compared to their age peers. In fact, research has show that homeschooled kids are better with social interaction across multiple age groups, from the very young to the very old, whereas non-homeschooled kids mainly have social interaction experience with only their age mates. If you fast-forward to their adulthood, you will see that social experience across multiple age groups and in varied settings, is probably more realistic and helpful, than growing up only surrounded by people your same age and only in your neighborhood. That conclusion is just my own opinion, but I feel it is a logical one. : )

The most important thing for a parent is to remove a child from a toxic environment. If a child is not thriving, a change should be made. It seems worth it to try a different approach, like homeschooling, to see if it works.

Children are adaptable enough for them to at least try something new for awhile, and there are many different ways to homeschool. You could try an I.S.P. through a local school district or county Dept. of Ed. (like O.C.'s CHEP), or you could use an independent organization/charter like Sky Mountain, or go through a church, or you can homeschool independently. With any choice, you will still be able to find local resources for homeschool social activities and support.

Good luck and best wishes!
My son (now 13) has ADD, and thus is socially awkward, altho extremely bright.....he had an awfully rough time in public school, with almost no friends and being bullied (from verbal to beat up) by several kids. I was at the school constantly, writing letters, cajoling, threatening....they did nothing but talk, while my kid suffered what I hope is not irreversible damage to his self-esteem. It was our neighborhood school, and he wanted to stay. I took him out in the middle of 5th grade, and he is very grateful for that now.
I also believe that piling homework on little kids is absurd. But I think they have no choice in public school, since a lot of time is spent on bureaucratic chores, discipline, and other time-wasters, instead of schoolwork.
Do your oldest a favor, and take him out of public school before the middle-school environment crushes him. Make sure he still sees his friends, and has enough activities (clubs, sports, surfing lessons or whatever) to be 'social'. If you are unsure about your own teaching skills, get a tutor for an hour or two a week to confirm that your son is on track and give you some help. My son is actually in a private school, what you might call a tutoring academy, that uses the CHEP program, because he has a hard time accepting me as both mommy and teacher (that problem might be avoided by people that homeschool from day one). So he has an excellent teacher, only 5 classmates, and he LOVES it.
As for homeschooled kids who say they were unprepared socially for college.....in my experience, it's precious few September freshmen who don't feel totally unprepared for the college experience! and then they grow up so fast you can't recognize them by Christmas break.
The most important thing is to let your kids love learning, a natural feeling that can be destroyed by a bad school experience. If they love learning, their own efforts and contributions to their education will far outweigh any less-than-perfect teaching.
I think it's awesome that you are looking for what is best for your son. Every kid is different. I have four kids and I'm entering my sixth year of homeschooling. Prior to having kids I was a school teacher, in private and public school settings. I would love to help your family. Check out my website, www.theaplusacademy.webs.com, as we are opening our home to homeschool other families' children this fall.

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