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Hello, everyone. Even through spring has only just sprung, it isn't too early to start thinking about summer enrichment programs -- and also looking toward fall and preparation for Music Teachers Association of California Certificate of Merit evaluations, the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, the MTNA/CAPMT Ensembles Competition and National Association of Teachers Student Evaluations. Success in these evaluations and competitions greatly enhances the academic résumé. 

I have taught voice and piano for over 35 years, privately and in school and institutional settings. My students who participate in the above programs always do very well. 

My studio is near Fashion Island. I also offer piano via Skype, and voice via Skype to students who have the appropriate set-up and equipment. 

For more, please visit my links at www.studioshanks.com and www.thepianopractice.com

I offer dedicated, foundation-based training in an education-centric studio.

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Are you willing to do a group lesson in Laguna Niguel at one of our school locations (TBD).


I am very interested in discussing this with you. Please let me know the best way and the best time to be in touch. 

Oh, my goodness. Where does the time go? 

While speaking with one of my students and her father the other day, I realized that so many of my students are taking earlier vacations this year because many of the brick and mortar schools are back in session as early as mid-August. Then, I started to think about fall teaching preparation and readying students for the first series of fall evaluation programs.

I'm glad to be able to start earlier. The NATS evaluations for singers and the CAPMT vocal ensembles competition are two of my favorite programs, and they usually take place in October and the very beginning of November. Hmmm. I wonder if I have any students who would like to sing duets this year. Just ruminating.

It isn't too early for dedicated singers and pianists to secure a place in my fall teaching schedule! 


Work can be play. Play can be work. Many times, it's only a matter of mindset. 



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