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Hello, Tracy. =)

My name is Michelle. I made your acquaintance a long time ago in the CHEP South front office. My daughter, is a figure skater and just graduated from the CHEP South program last month. My daughter and her brother are interested in violin lessons, and I know your talented son plays beautifully. I was wondering if you can recommend any instructors and any music stores for violin purchase or rental? I have briefly looked into Pedrini's, but I wonder what else/who else is out there? I know some of the string instrumentalists for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra offer lessons...that is where I may look next. I appreciate any information you may offer.

Most Sincerely,
Michelle D.

Subject: Re: Student: Violin Inquiry

Hi Michelle,

I hope you're having a great summer.

The best person to talk to, is Nancy Lau with MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California). She is the referral person for the MTAC and she is VERY helpful. Nancy tries to match you with the right teacher. Her phone number is (949) 858-5306. Let her know that you got her number from me.

I have rented a violin from the very start with Stephen Davy in Laguna Beach. His number is 499-5088. Another option is Greg at Coast Band Music in Mission Viejo. He's very friendly and his number is (949) 768-8783. It's right there by CHEP-South off of Via Fabricante.

If I were you, I would rent first. It ranges from $22-$30 a month.

I hope this helps.

Aloha, Ask Tracy : )

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Orange Coast Musical Arts (OCMA) is an independent, non-profit band and orchestra program founded in 1998 dedicated to providing quality music education and performance experience for youth (ages 6-18) without access to a band or orchestra program in their traditional school setting. The students come from varied musical abilities and a culturally diverse heritage to learn teamwork and support each other musically, spiritually, and socially. Our program promotes values of personal responsibility, discipline and self-confidence.
You will find information on all our levels of band from beginning to advanced, strings, and other classes. Please consider visiting a rehearsal to see what our bands are doing and working to achieve!

I am a violin teacher in the Lake Forest, Laguna Hills area, and I have openings for daytime homeschool students. I am professional violinist from Europe. My studio currently has student who won first chairs in various orchestras around town-Irvine Honour, Pacific Youth, All Southern, Irvine Seraphim Orchestras.

I can be reached: cell (213) 327 6464


Hi All-

I am a violin teacher in the Orange/Tustin area, and I have openings for daytime homeschool students. I am also a strings teacher for Woodbridge High School in Irvine and Orange Lutheran High School. My studio currently ranges in age from 6 to 18, mostly beginning and intermediate students.

For more information contact me at (949) 981-5277 or justinwong24@gmail.com

-Justin Wong


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