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Does anyone know or recommend a speech therapist? I am in search for one for my 7 year old's stuttering. Thanks.

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My son had a different speech issue when he was younger, but Miché Almeida at South County Pediatric Speech was wonderful.  I recommend her as a warm and intelligent speech therapist:

949-367-8150 office number


Thanks so much MM,
My husband and I have been looking into their website, they sound great!


I have a wonderful sweet friend who is a speech therapist.  She works part time in a speech therapy office, but has also started to take clients in during the week at her home (or she may even meet you at your home?)  She is also a homeschooling mom.  Her name and number is:  Tami Reece 562-533-4311.  Good luck!

Kimberley DeLozier

Thank you Kimberley,
I called and left her a message yesterday.

You can try Shaun Howell in Lake Forest. (www.ustoocenter.org)


Have you tried going through your school district?  They can do an assessment and if your child qualifies, you may be able to get 12 sessions with a district Speech Therapist.

Hi Tama,
Yes, I did check with our district to see if he could keep seeing the therapist he was seeing when hevwas in public school, but since we are enrolled through CHEP (public) we don't qualify to see her any longer, but thanks for the tip!

Two of my three boys have had significant speech delays, and one stuttered.  We have been working with Heather Lovejoy for nearly three years now, and we LOVE her.  She specializes in pediatric speech therapy, and clearly has a passion for working with children.  Our boys think she is fabulous.  She works privately (she'll even come to your home!) and can provide you with bills to submit to your insurance company.  Her phone number is 714-393-9405. 



Hi Emily,
I spoke to Heather yesterday but she is out of our area, (we are in Laguna Hills). She did refer us to a group closer to us. Thanks so much!!

My daughter stuttered at about that age. We didn't draw attention to it, and just ignored it, and it went away within about a year.

I know an excellent Speech Therapist.  Her name is Molly Cote.  She is also a homeschooling mom.  Here is her contact information if you would like to call or email her directly:



Molly Cote, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
The Spoken Word Speech and Language Services
Thank you Lisa. I missed her call today, but will hopefully get to talk to her tomorrow.

Thanks again,
I also recommend Molly Cote in Rancho Santa Margarita.  She is absolutely amazing!  She has been seeing my son for almost 2 years and he has had such remarkable success since going to Molly.  We had 3 different therapists before her and had almost given up but she listened to all our concerns and really cares about our son so she does everything she can to make sure he is getting the best treatment.  I can't say enough good things about her.


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