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Hi All,


I am new to this adventure. I will be homeschooling my son who will be going into the 7th grade. I called my local school district who puts on their own homeschooling program. She said in order for my son to be able to either re-enter the school district schools when in highschool or go to college, most homeschools have to be certified by WASC. Is this correct? Could you please share with me what curriculums you use and why that one is a benefit to you? Any tips? Thank you for your time!

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Hi Cindy!

Sorry, I didn't see your post before today.

It's true, many homeschoolers have been discouraged by the school districts. If you homeschool your child independently for 9 & 10th grade, they will not take your child back into high school. I have seen this in several cases and personally, it doesn't make any sense. They say it's because they won't be able to graduate your child, so they don't want him in. But school is still mandatory and I believe they should be obligated to take in a student, whether or not they can graduate them. It just goes to show you, they don't actually care about your child learning - it's all about the system!

I can go on all day about how this upsets me, but you don't need to hear my rant!!!!

On the flip side, let me tell you what you can do.

There are several free charter schools that offer independent study programs that are WASC accredited. If you school through one of these, the local school should have no trouble taking your son. There are also some private schools who have accredited programs, but they can get pricey.

However, graduating from a public high school is not the only way to graduate a child. Teens from any school may take the CAHSEE - as young as 16 - and then graduate early, with permission from the school. If you homeschool independently, that would be you. Then your child can take community college courses if he likes for a couple years before going to a university. A lot of homeschoolers do this to reduce the cost of college and ma y be able to graduate from college at a younger age!

BUT the school did tell you something that's NOT true. She said he can't go to collage without going to a WASC high school. That used to be the case - about 30 years ago! Now, most colleges have come to learn how intelligent and capable homeschool students are and have been taking measures to actively recruit homeschoolers, even those who homeschool through non-accredited programs. In these cases, the colleges rely more heavily on the SAT test scores and a student portfolio. Student transcripts are less relevant. Teens who homeschool independently tend to have more time to work on projects that look great on college applications!

But irregardless of the route you choose for high school, it's a good idea to contact any prospective colleges you're considering and find out what their admission policies are.  Then you can design your son's high school career specifically for those admission requirements. 

As far as curriculums go, I personally don't use set curriculum for my teens. I like them to start working on their career decisions and I encourage them to do projects. It doesn't look a lot like school. It's streamlined education for each of my children's specific needs/interests.

For parents who want a more structured program for their teens - including accredited programs - I recommend going the charter school route. You get an accredited teacher to help guide you through the process and help you decide the courses and curriculum your high schooler will use. There are several charter schools listed on the OChomeschooling site.

Happy to answer questions!



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