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Hi!  Our family plans to move to the Fullerton area later this summer, and our oldest son will be 3 and ready for a bit of pre-school activities.  Does your group include activities for this age group, any recommendations?

Also, our second son, who's just nine months, has Down's Syndrome, and all of the information I've been given is to put him into the public school system where his therapies would continue.  Is it possible to homeschool a child with his needs and what support is out there?  How could he receive therapy if his education was at home?  I hope these questions aren't too specific, we still have lots of time before he has to go to school, I'm just thinking ahead since we're planning to homeschool our first son and wondering how our second's education would fit in.  Of course, we'll do whatever is best for each of them, and homeschooling looks quite alluring, though daunting!



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Hi Lori,


You ask great questions that I wish I could answer!  But what I can do, is send your question out to all the members and see what they come up with.  I'm sure there is someone here that can help you out.


Aloha, AskTracy : )

YES!!  Okay, I'm not in the Fullerton area, but I'm sure someone out there can hook you up with homeschoolers in that area.  There are definitely support groups for homeschoolers who have children with special needs.  I have met mom's who homeschool children with ADHD, etc.  I know that's not the same need, but I can't imagine anything worse than placing him in the public school system.  Will put out more feelers within our homeschool network here in Ladera Ranch and see what we can find out for you.  Best of luck!!


Karla O'Grattan

Hi Lori,


This is in response to your questions about your second son.  First, if you haven't done so already, contact Regional Center of Orange County and request that he be assessed.  Second, though it's 2 years away, when your son turns 2, start preparing for his preschool intake IEP.  You'll want him to be assessed by the district, regardless of whether you want to enroll him because they may be able to offer you a limited amount of PT, OT, and ST.  Plus, if he needs any accommodations, you'll want the documentation for his records.


I'm a pediatric PT, so feel free to contact me in the future if you have questions and I'll see about PT/OT referrals in your area if you decide to forego the district and pursue his services through your insurance/private pay.


I also know a mom of 4, whose youngest has down syndrome and just turned 3.  She used to homeschool, so I can ask her what she's doing with her youngest, if you'd like me to.  She might have some wisdom.


Good luck!


Thanks so much, your advice is very helpful!  I'd love to hear more about the family you mentioned, and awesome to know another PT.  Ezra has been received OT from Harbor Regional center since he was one month old, and I've already contacted the OC Regional center for when we move this summer.

Look forward to meeting you in the Fall!


There is a fabulous homeschool support group not too far from Fullerton that has kids of all ages, from babes-in-arms to teens. That would be a great place to bring both of your kids. There are special needs kids there, such as Autistic and Asperger's Syndrome, but I don't know about Down's Syndrome. It's the Central OC group that meets at Eisenhower Park in Orange on Mondays starting around 1:00 pm.



You might also check with Chris Ashley, the Special Needs Contact for the California Homeschool Network for advice on homeschooling your special needs child. You can email Chris here: ashleyfamily6@gmail.com

Hope that helps!

Vicki Giansante



Awesome info!  Can't wait to hook-up once we move later this summer, my almost 3 year-old is quite social:)  I'll definitely contact Ashley for more info in the coming months for our younger son.

See you soon,



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