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I have a Jr in high school who is really having a hard time. To graduate you must have 220 credit and she currently only has 120! Granted she has next year, her senior year, but she would still need to go to both A&B summer school and then still additional help.

My question is, can I excel her learning and her credit requirements by homeschooling her so that maybe mid senior year, she would be caught up and able to go back and walk/graduate with her class?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Nikki-
Depending on your daughter's situation..... I'm baffled that her current school has let it go this far with out checking to see why she is struggling so much....but since I don't have the whole story it's hard for me to judge either parties! I'd rather not ask you too personal questions over this loop...there are so many factors involved & there are many avenues that could possibly work for her. If you want to delve in deeper email me off list. I've been homeschooling for 17 years through the public charter system so I might have some ideas for you.
Are you aware that taking classes at the Junior College level count double for High School Credits? For instance one semester of Spanish at the JC counts for a whole year at High School. Just something to consider if your priority is her walking with her class.

Otherwise I would follow up on the information the other two ladies provided.
Jeanne, I will be e-mailing you shortly! :)

Kay, how do I get a hold o Wes Beach? I think the idea of "walking with her classmates" is more important to me as a mother than her as a student/my child and that may be something I need to get past. She has taken a community college course when she was in Jr. high, but failed it due to lack of interest so her father and I, decided we had pushed her too early. However....now she is in their system so "SHE" did go down yesterday and get everything lost to re-sign up and have petitioned a few teachers to enter the class late as the 1st portion of summer classes started this past Monday. Not good responses I must say; however, we are crossing our fingers for more hope this 2nd part of summer and she will also attend high school summer school as well.

No I sure wasn't and THANK YOU! We will recalculate accordingly now.

***Also, her guidance counselor at school said that she can only take "electives" at the JC. She cannot take any classes such as English, Math etc...Does anyone know why?
Thank you all for your guidance!!
I enrolled our son in JC for the Spring Sem of his 8th grade year. He continued taking one class at a time each semester till the middle of 10th grade then entered OC High School of the Arts. The college classes he took were considered electives(they were in the audio/post production realm) but as Donna said, they did count as double credits. When we first signed up the Dean of Students reminded him that the grades will stay on his record- he worked very hard & it was a great experience for him. I also thought of Kay's advice of "skipping" HS- I wonder if she should take the GED. Hiring a tutor to help her gain some writing & study skills would help her prepare for academic college classes. I bet the one-on-one would really aid her learning progress rather then being in a classroom setting. I do have a reference for a tutor if you are interested.
Many times it takes months of "de-schooling" to "clean the palate".....and start fresh.
Thank you Jeanne,
I just sent you an inarticulate e-mail full of crazy mom babble. LOL

I think I'm looking for a "what would you do" answer from someone with experience and i'm not sure if it's there. I don't understand why I cannot home school her while she attends public school? Can I home school her during the summer, since shes not technically attending school at the time unless we enroll her in summer school?

If she has 120 out of 220 units needed and if she works hard, next year will gain about 60-65 more, plus whatever she does while taking a JC course online, what should I do for the summer?
How would I get into home schooling? How do I get home school units transfered over to her high school?
I just wanted to follow up with everyone in regard to my daughter and her situation with the her school, Mission Viejo High School.
She is now enrolled in 3 online courses at Saddleback and currently holding an A in all. She is also going to summer school and working part time.

...............now it's time to focus on our 5 year old who is going into 1st grade this coming year. WHEW!
He also had a big year in public school. He has tested into the 2nd grade, but the teacher is recommending we hold him back for another year in Kindergarten for more "emotional development."????
Emotional meaning = He can't sit still, he gets bored and blurts out answers. UGH!
That being said....I am going to start a few new topics for advice. Oh, and thank you everyone, who helped me the 1st time round!!
Excellent! So happy to hear that you were able to help her find her niche! I'm sure it has boosted her self-confidence & her outlook on life! Good job mom! :)jeanne
As for the 1st grader (who sounds like a wonderful bundle of life!) he sounds like his mind is going a bit quicker then everyone else's-why would keeping him back help him? Being a boy with energy & inquisitiveness(which indicates intelligence) in a typical classroom situation(30 kids & teaching to the "test") would seem to me a prescription for future problems.... a situation like that couldn't possibly give him the attention & stimulation he seemingly needs- smaller classroom size & the freedom to move around would be ideal-short lessons & lots of doing stuff & the ability to ask questions is a must- Have you checked into Journey Charter School: http://www.journeyschool.net/ They probably are dealing with waiting lists....but maybe worth a try.
My daughter had the same problem and I was able to get her into a program within our school district where she worked with a teacher one-on-one and they were able to give her credit for things that she normally wouldn't have been able to get in a normal public school setting. It was an ACCESS program. She got credit for her behind-the-wheel, for watching certain movies and turning in reports on them, for helping me with my younger kids, OR working around the house...for getting a job, etc. It really helped her build up her credits AND her GPA... THOUGH taking her out of the public school and away from her friends was really difficult and though she graduated, she is still very sore with me for pulling her out and losing her Senior Year at a normal school.


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