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Hard to Find credentialed teachers for the each subject of the proper grade level

Due to my daughter's medical condition, I transferred her out of public mortar and brick school and then enrolled her in the one of public online schools in the beginning of her sophomore year.  However, she couldn't start with any of her courses' curriculum due to her chronic illness until the recent days so she has missed out on most of the 1st semester's curriculum.  So I had to dis-enroll her from the online school to prevent the permanent records on her transcript. Now that her pain is under control, I am looking for the way for her to start with the beginning of the 1st semester's curriculum so that she can move onto the 2nd semester's curriculum as soon as she can and then get caught up before the end of this school year.  Which option is the best way to go from the four options of homeschooling?  Private online schools cost money and so does hiring credentialed teachers for the each of subject.  I made inquiries to other several online public schools and I was not able to make the final choice of school yet due to their available AP and honors classes.  My daughter really wants to take English honors class and a couple of AP courses to take this year's AP exams on time so that she can go back to her old traditional school after this school year as a junior and then graduate with honors plus golden gowns by taking vigorous classes continuously thru her senior year.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Judy, 

I would be happy to help you. Please give me a call.

Windi 714-310-2213

Judy, If you dis-enrolled her from the online school, what "school" does she belong to at this time?

If you file a PSA (private School Affidavit) then you are the teacher in charge.  There are many 2 day a week programs that have high school students, like Excel and Dehesa that have credentialed teachers to be assigned to you.  They too can help you assess what can be on her transcript and what she needs to take next semester.

I too have a credentialed teacher that can help but she is really sick right now.  If I can help further, please don't hesitate to call.

Did you know that she can take college classes now while she is in High School, they will match her AP classes and start her with a college transcript.

Donna Bixby




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