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Dear Tracy,

I am a first time homeschool mom as of this year. I'm a little overwhelmed by the newness of this whole homeschool idea. I thought homeschool would be easier on time, but in fact, I feel my son doesn't have enough time to do every page of every book in his curriculum for this year. Am I missing something? A few suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you.
Ladera Ranch, CA

Dear Ladera Ranch,

Welcome to homeschool!

I can understand your feelings of being overwhelmed. We have ALL felt this way when we first started to homeschool. Am I doing it right? Is this correct? Do we need to do more? All these questions have entered my mind at one time or another, and it is completely normal to feel this way about something that seems so foreign.

Keep in mind that time is an asset for homeschoolers. Does your son understand an assignment?, move on to the next topic. Does he need more help?, slow down and do some research. You will find that every page of every book is boring and way too much repetition! Pick a topic that interests your son and make it a theme. Does he like baseball? Do a history report on the first baseball game. Batting averages can be math. Read a biography on Babe Ruth. Get the idea? There comes a freedom when you have a choice about what your son will learn at home. With that freedom is the chance to be great. You are now a homeschool parent, have fun with learning. Why not go on a field trip to the library for a different view. If you have a younger child, try math with some colorful chalk on the sidewalk in front of your house. Learning fractions? What better way than to bake some goodies and sample what you've learned. Look around, you will see that learning is more than every page of every book.

Aloha, Ask Tracy : )

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Hey there. I've been homeschooling for 5 years and it was VERY overwhelming at first. What REALLy helped me was to read "The Well Trained Mind". It is a big book, but you don't need to read all of it. It describes what subjects to do, the amount of time to spend on each subject and recommended curriculum. The other thing I've found is htat they don't have to do every page!! For math, I just change chapters each week - they don't have to do each page and if they master something sooner, we move on sooner. This is the first year where I had to review for my daughter in math. So I did. We went back and did the pages we didn't do in previous chapter until she "remembered" where she was!! Our job is to teach them life, not books!! Just keep it up and get connected. SCCHE is a good place to go for that (a little biased though!!). SCCHE offers monthly assemblies and park days as well as a discussion forum that people get on almost daily to ask questions, post events and discuss all things homeschooling. www.scchomeeductors.org is our website. Sorry to plug, just love it.


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